Have Your Planet Call My Planet

You there? You listening?

Hey, have your planet call my planet
'cause I've just put on my very best space suit
and left town in a ship bound for places unexplored

You should see me now ...
I am the slickest sort of brand new and shiny,
shed of the very last scale of my lizard skin,
defying any sort of gravity,
released from any anchor,
free from any weight.
Don't worry, I know where I'm going ...
I'm following this light ~
It's clear like a map
with an arrow marked "start here"
beaming from the heart of me.

You should really have your planet call my planet ...
No hour is too late.
Leave me a message,
share with me what you learned today
and how it felt deep down in the center of you.
I promise I will hear you
no matter how far out I've traveled on my grand adventure.
Y'see, we are all as connected as we are free ...
You just have to feel it when you listen.

Anyway, my planet's been calling your planet
leaving you messages,
waiting for you to receive,
waiting for you to believe ...
Pluto can be warm
and all lizard skins have loose scales,
waiting for you to realize every moment is ready to accept change
and right now is when you can let it go

I'm telling you ~
There's a space suit waiting for you.
Your ship is fueled and right outside ...
Just have your planet call my planet
and we'll take a magnificent ride.

© Amy DeAnda 2007