Neptune To My Depths Amy DeAnda’s newest collection of poetry is a celebration of spiritual and emotional growth, revelations, and moments of surrender. Rich in imagery and sentiment, "Neptune To My Depths" is a 41-piece collection of poetry decorated with black & white photography. (68 pages)
  • "Amy DeAnda's poetry is a smooth delight to the reader. It takes you on a visionary escape deep inside the poem. Her spirit is being poured out through every word written. I am so delighted and thankful to know Amy and see her work grow into a completeness of wordplay and delivery. This book will go excellently with a glass of wine, sunshine and a subtle kiss on the collarbone."

    • Ivan Miller Poet,
      Author of Love Language
      Studio Manager of Dbrown Photos

ISBN: 0-9740393-1-4
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Time Is All It Takes You By Surprise, is a 40 piece collection of poetic expression on life, love & lusts, longings & losses.

ISBN: 0-9740393-0-6
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"Time is All It Takes You By Surprise," Amy DeAnda has truly pieced together a poetic medley of emotions. Life, longing, loss, lust and love are all powerful subjects in their own right. Through Amy's carefully-chosen poetic words and phrases, nature, childhood, fantasy, dreams and the aforementioned human emotions come together to form a metaphor for everyday life as we know it. A good read."

    Barbara Youngblood Carr
    Author of: "Dreamdancing With Ancestors"
    Poetry Venue and Workshop Host
    Board Member of the Austin International Poetry Festival

"Her poetry has a unique way in creating visions. Amy has a way of metaphorically taking you through a collage of emotions reading poem after poem. She is a truly spirited poet."

    Ivan Miller
    Poet performer, Actor
    Author of "Nightdreams and Daymares"


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Amy DeAnda is represented by PoetKat Publications.