About Amy Deanda

"Where does your name come from?”

I’ve had so many requests regarding the origin of my name(!!!).mostly from other Deandas looking for some familial connection, as it does appear to be an uncommon surname.

My given name is actually Amy Deanda. "Deanda" being my middle name which I now use as my surname. I am of Hispanic descent (my mother’s family is from Mexico and South America) as well as Cherokee, French and Irish descent from my father’s side of the family.

The name "DeAnda" is, indeed, a family name. I was named after my maternal grandmother, Amalia Deanda. Years ago she shared with me that capitalization of the “A” had been lost several generations back and I have since chosen to reclaim the original spelling.

Our family branch of Deandas has made their home in the Midland and Big Springs area of Texas.

Personally speaking...

“Home” is Austin, Texas for me with my most incredible works of art ~ my two children.